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Champions Online has 1 million characters

2 November 2009 Leave a comment

Champions OnlineWorlds In Motion reported recently that Cryptic’s Champions Online has at least 1 million characters under its superhero tool belt:

Online game maker Cryptic Studios said its most recent MMORPG, the Atari-published Champions Online, has garnered over 1 million created superhero characters, but the size of the subscriber base is unclear.

Unclear? Hrm.

I sent this news item to Siam, the owner and managing editor of The MMOGamer. Because I’m bad at math, I asked him to do it for me:

You should do math. How many characters can one account have, then half that, and divide that by one million =P

His response?

Max 8 per account. 1 000 000 / 4 = 250 000

That number does seem a bit high, 250,000. I would half that again, maybe a little more. Then I would multiply it all by the number of players who named their characters after famous comic heroes times .045035893845083405 and divide it by some other arbitrary number that I just made up.

I’m honestly not too surprised to find that there’s a million superheros created in Champions. The character creation/development is so complicated, that I’m sure that, like me, many players are rerolling, trying to find something that will get them passed level 20.

I still am playing the game, for what it’s worth.