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Table-top Coleco

28 November 2010 Leave a comment

I was extremely envious of my friends who had one of these. Almost everyone who had one had only the Pac-Man version. Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone who actually had the Galaxian version.

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More on Ms. Bunten

27 November 2010 Leave a comment

I previously linked to a short write up at Obsolete Gamer where I wrote about the beauty of Seven Cities of Gold, one of my favorite games of all time.

GameSetWatch, a really cool blog I follow regularly (it’s part of the whole Gamasutra family of blogs), has published anarticle about Danny Bunten’s last GDC speech. Bunten was actually the first ever GDC keynote speaker ever.

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Seven Cities of Gold

13 November 2010 1 comment

Obsolete Gamer has a profile of me and (one of) my favorite games of all time, Danny Bunton’s classic Seven Cities of Gold. Sadly, the video they have up is of the EA remake and not the Atari 8-bit computer version, but anything to promote such an amazing game is alright by me 😀

I’ve been a gamer ever since my mother brought home a classic Coleco Pong console when it was first released. We progressed to the Atari VCS and Colecovision, but my best gaming memories are when we got the steaming hot Atari 800XL 8-bit computer. I spent entire weekends playing Steve Meretsky-designed Infocom games, but my true obsession was with Danny Bunton’s Seven Cities of Gold. This game was absolutely amazing for its time. You are an explorer out to discover the New World and bring back riches to the Queen of Spain. You just can’t sail west and get lucky. The brilliance of this game is the unique quality it had for its time: random maps, but very intelligently done random maps. Rivers would flow from mountains, villages, cities and towns would team on their shores and on coast lines. You can bribe chiefs to get their gold, or enter town swords killing everything in sight, but there was consequence. If you had a bad reputation, natives might not want you around, and getting gold would become increasingly difficult. There was even seasonal changes, and storms that could wreak havoc on your ships when at sea. And the Queen? She was never satisfied. But I always got my promotion. Eventually.

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