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Facebook to (maybe) change SRPG notifications

FacebookThis article brings a big smile to my face:

Facebook is meeting with top app developers on its platform to discuss a series of planned changes that could drastically alter the virality of social games, according to Venture Beat. If the report is correct, Facebook plans to alter the way notifications and requests sent by apps (including social games) display on user news feeds and profile pages. The changes would move these notifications to less visible parts of a user’s Facebook page.

One of my biggest qualms (and the qualms of my friends) is how much SRPGs spam news feeds and profiles. I’d love to have all this stuff shoved into a corner somewhere. The whole idea for SRPG designers is to push out all of these notifications to inspire friends to play with friends. But the problem is, and this has happened to me and countless others, not everyone wants to know that you recently reached level 97000 in Cafe Pets War Mafias.

Hopefully Facebook will work on behalf of it’s millions of users and push the devs to understand that there are not a lot of happy people with the Facebook service out there specifically because of game notification spam.

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