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#GDCU Level 6: The Game

The assignment for this Thursday’s Game Design Concepts class was as follows:

Option 3 (Exploring the boundaries of games): Design a game that has intentionally incomplete rules, requiring player authorship of rules during the play of the game in order for it to be playable. Post your (incomplete) rules.

Never give a creative (such as myself) an assignment like this, or allow them to actually choose something like this, because we will find the lowest level to question the actual assignment while exploding the concept of it.

In my game, I question what the game space is (I don’t define it). I assign a goal, but do not define how to get there. What is a game, and what is a goal? Do we need always need to have a game where rules are active? Do we always need a game with a goal? What if reaching the goal is as undefined as the rules, or even the game space?

Here is my design:

Number of Players: 2-6 (or more!)


  1. All players gather in the middle


  • First player to reach 500 wins
link to post on gdcu forums
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