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Upgrade Complete

I discovered the Flash game Upgrade Complete on autie pixelante’s blog. Upgrade Complete is not just your usual Space Invaders-like shoot-em up. It is, as AP says, a “parody of a design trend used to artificially extend the life of a game.” Each major component is upgradeable, as you can see in the graphic to your right. That’s a mighty ugly ship, and it’s completely customizable and upgradeable. But that’s not all! Each component of the game itself is as well. Everything from graphics to the start button can (and in some cases must) be purchased and then later upgraded for more graphic goodness. for example, if I want to actually start the game, I must purchase the loading screen and menu buttons after borrowing money from the shop. If I don’t, I can’t play the game.

What’s interesting is, at 66% of upgrades completed, I feel compelled to actually upgrade most everything, even at the expense of my ship improvements. Which, then, really is the game: upgrading the myriad components or completing all the waves successfully? How will I feel once I finish level 20 and I’m not at 100%? These are interesting design questions that make me envious of the original designer of Upgrade Complete. You bastard 😉

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