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this week’s reads

Here’s some of the things that I read this week:

  • I am adding and subtracting – Eskil Steenberg shares his know-how on game programming, giving tips on what you should know and do to be an effective programmer based on his experiences.
  • Software That Guards Virtual PlaygroundsNY Times article on various applications that are used to monitor content aimed at minors. The virtual world is moving more and more towards addicting children. Protecting them from predators and the like is therefore a key component for virtual world creators, and a booming marketplace for those creating the tools to protect minors.
  • Author of Play – Infocom is one of my favorite game companies of all time, and Steve Meretzky designed some of my favorite games of all time. Technology Review sat down with him recently and interviewed him about the good old days of Infocom. A must read for any Infocom fan.
  • What Went Wrong? – the subtitle says it all: learning from past post mortems.
  • when the bomb goes off – auntie pixelante does a good write up of “when the bomb goes off,” a flash game in which you have five seconds to figure out the goal of a level.
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  1. Speranza
    29 April 2009 at 4:13 pm

    So I really wanted to read that adding and subtracting article about programming. I started it then I realized the guy writing it is a language Nazi and that turns me off. Yes C is good for making programs but there is no reason to not use something like Python or C# when they have tools that help you make games specifically.

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